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Superior Fashion - Perfect Fit

Superior Fashion offers you fashion from a wide range of designers. Some of their sizes are as individual as their fashion. That's why you have the option of having the size recommended that suits you best.

Here are a few answers to questions in this context:

Why size recommendation?

According to reports, about 60% of online fashion customers are unhappy with the fit. This is a frustrating shopping experience and makes the customers less confident when buying fashion online. Hence, we notice an emerging trend: customers tend to buy multiple items in different sizes and returned those that don’t fit. The so-called "series returns". That’s additional work and definitely not sustainable!

What’s our solution?

We offer a technology that can take customers’ body measurements remotely and give size recommendations based on the specific body shape of the customer. We believe, being able to tell how a garment would fit will surely lead to higher shopping confidence and ultimately reduce the return rate.

How does it work?

After you found the product you love, you click on “Get Size Recommendation” on the product page next to the size-selection-field to start the size recommendation process.

After clicking on that link, a pop-up window opens showing a QR-code which can be scanned with the smartphone (if you are shopping on your smartphone, instead of the QR-code a link is shown). By doing so, the body scanning web App will open on the phone. As the App is web based, there is no need to download it first.

To take a new scan is straightforward. The App asks the user to enter his or her height and provides visual guidance for the user to take a front photo and a side photo.

The photos are then uploaded to the backend for further processing. The machine learning based algorithm can estimate full body measurements out of the 2 photos and the provided height. It normally takes about 10 seconds for the backend to calculate the body measurements and give size recommendations for a certain garment.

Once it’s done, the recommended size will automatically show up in the pop-up window together with details about the estimated size fit. The size recommendation is also shown on the product detail page in the shop next to the size-selection-field.

Which sort of clothes do I have to wear for the photos?

A It’s recommended to wear skin-tight clothing when taking the photos, so that the details of the body contour can be picked up by the algorithm. Also, we recommend taking the photos against a simple background that the person in the foreground is visually distinguishable.

There’s definitely no need to be naked or just in underwear when getting scanned!

Do I have to take the recommended size?

No. It is a recommendation based on the algorithm. Of course, you are free to ignore the recommendation and take any other possible size you prefer.

Do I have to do the scan every time when I like to shop on Superior Fashion?

No. Whenever you like to shop on Superior Fashion again you can reuse the scan you’ve already done last time. Of course, you can can always start a new scan if you think your body has changed since last scan.

Does this service cost me anything?

No, scans and measurements are free for you.

Who is our technic and innovation partner which provides the size recommendation service?

It’s the Siegen, Germany based company Virtual Retail, a technology provider in artificial intelligence and computer vision.

How secure is my scan data?

Virtual Retail takes great consideration in data security and makes sure that the data they keep are stored safely and anonymously.

Most importantly, the service provided is completely anonymous. They don’t require or store any user related information. Once the photos are hitting their server, a neural network will extract silhouettes from the photos and the photos are removed immediately. Another neural network then calculates body measurements solely on the silhouettes. After all, the only data that’s saved for a scan is a randomly generated ID and a set of body measurements, which is impossible to be traced back to a certain person. Virtual Retail’s service is hosted with the highest standard in safety and reliability.

To further strengthen data protection they make sure that the data are stored only on servers in Germany.

Did that answer your questions related to the size recommendation?

A If not, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.