The Berlin based label BRACHMANN, co-founded by Jennifer Brachmann, who studied architecture and fashion design, and sociologist Olaf Kranz in 2013, creates playfully minimalist fashion collections inspired by architecture for women and men. With a handwriting particularly educated by the Bauhaus principles of design, the label deconstructs and reforms luxury essentials of womens- and menswear, redefining the notion of chic elegance.

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In its collections the label joyfully explores purism and focuses on clever details, hybrids, and silhouettes in order to establish a unique post-classical signature that is subtly avant-garde, yet timeless.

With high attention to detail and craftsmanship, all garments are made from high quality natural fabrics that are exclusively sourced and sustainably manufactured in the EU. BRACHMANN offers a cohesive apparel line for the contemporary wearer who seeks to express her or his own creative personality by individually reinterpreted classics.

The classic menswear pieces with their concise characteristics together with design principles from architecture are deeply rooted in BRACHMANN’s collections. BRACHMANN dissembles seasoned garments to their foundations and freely combines modules into reconstructed designs. Rethinking classics with an architectural perspective results in a newness focused on hybrids, details and silhouettes.



The high-quality fabrics woven in Europe and made from natural fibres are exquisite and comfortable to wear. Each season, we look for inspiration in modern art and pop culture — a colour we spot in a film or painting, an artist’s conception that strikes us as unique.

BRACHMANN’s collections of playful minimalism are highly wearable and versatile, and allow for a seamless transition from day to night.


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