Arno Ende, the founder of the Cologne based fashion label FPPO saw the world already when he was a young man. Parallel to his fashion design studies he worked as model and DJ. The creative pulse of cities like Tokyo, Paris, Milan or London pushed him to get things started before the end of studies. So, in 1994 he founded FPPO.

Asking Arno Ende regarding the meaning of 'FPPO' he says in an interview [Interview in Superior Magazine]: “As a group of DJs and friends we were holding a party-series called 'Love Club' from 1992 - 1995. For the wish of having only nice peaceful guests we added to all our invitations as the last sentence 'for peaceful people only' When I started designing fashion and developing my first collection a friend had the idea to use this sentence as the label’s name and to shorten it to FPPO ... Freedom, respect, tolerance and the love for nature and humans are highest values for me. I don’t want intolerant, racist, aggressive people to wear the clothes I made with love and passion. They are made for peaceful people only.” This statement describes perfectly the DNA of FPPO.

Characteristic for FPPO’s fashion is a mix of sportive elements combined with a casual elegance manufactured in high quality. According to Arno Ende, very important in menswear is a natural casualness, durable fabrics and functionality. Easy going materials, comfort and enough pockets to store keys, wallet and a phone.



FPPO is not strictly separating spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. It is a continuing story through the seasons where the clothes stay combinable continuously. Following this, all clothes are produced in limited editions or even single pieces, so when they are sold out that’s it and new designs show up.

We are happy about this because it’s a good opportunity, of course for peaceful people only, to discover always new FPPO menswear.

Foto © Arno Ende

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