Anita Keckeis is the creative mind of the label KEX SPITZENKULTUR, which she founded more than 15 years ago in Berlin. What’s at the center of KEX SPITZENKULTUR is obvious – it’s lace.

Anita Keckeis grew up with a lace-connection, because her mother worked in an embroidery factory in Vorarlberg/Austria. The Vorarlberg region was a textile stronghold including the embroidery industry until the 1980s. So, Anita Keckeis knew early that she wanted to design beautiful lace. She laid the foundation for her career when she visited the Technical College for Textile Industry in Dornbirn/Vorarlberg.

Then, Anita Keckeis went out to see the big wide world. She describes herself as a “Flaneur”, because she loves to travel and let’s herself be seduced by the diverse impressions, be it art, theater or music. She has a particularly great enthusiasm for the art of the 16th and 17th centuries and an affinity for Japanese designers. All of this flows into her KEX SPITZENKULTUR creations.

As urbane as Anita Keckeis is, she is also well grounded to her home region on the other side. For the production of her embroidery designs, she relies on the quality of the embroidery factories in Vorarlberg.


Many people see something stale in embroidery. The textile jewellery from KEX SPITZENKULTUR is completely different. All pieces of the collection are labeled "Collier". Rightly so, because a KEX SPITZENKULTUR creations gives WOMEN a special attitude. They can shine confidently on any occasion.

Photo: Christian Söhnel

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