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New designers - BRACHMANN and VELT


At the start of Superior Fashion we present the designer labels BRACHMANN and VELT.

The Berlin based label BRACHMANN, co-founded by Jennifer Brachmann, who studied architecture and fashion design, and sociologist Olaf Kranz in 2013, creates playfully minimalist fashion collections inspired by architecture for women and men. With a handwriting particularly educated by the Bauhaus principles of design, the label deconstructs and reforms luxury essentials of womens- and menswear, redefining the notion of chic elegance. Read more about BRACHMANN >



The label VELT is located in Berlin and Switzerland. The two product designers Stefan Rechsteiner and Patrick Rüegg have always had a soft spot for shoes. Since 2012, VELT has been producing in a Swiss factory what they design in their Berlin studio: lovers' shoes that are as special as the people who wear them. And both women and men are enthusiastic about them. What initially started with just a shoe collection was expanded in 2016 to include various leather bags and accessories. Read more about VELT >



Have fun shopping BRACHMANN and VELT and look forward also to the next labels at Superior Fashion ...

Photo © Superior Fashion

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