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Most online-fashion-shoppers know this situation. You browse for a new piece of fashion and find the one you really like. But you are uncertain about the right size. Although most online shops offer some sort of sizing tables, this solution is not really practical. Therefore, you either guess what the right size might be and hope that you are right when it is delivered, or you order different sizes and send the wrong sizes back.

We at Superior Fashion believe that there must be a better solution for a more satisfying and sustainable online shopping experience. So, we started searching for modern technologies to support this idea. With the German company Virtual Retail we found our ideal technology and innovation partner. They are ideal for us since both Superior Fashion and Virtual Retail have shared values - high quality and innovative thinking paired with high standards of ethical and sustainability values.

In an interview [read the complete interview in Superior Magazine] Dr. Lin Wan and Benedikt Ley, two of the co-founders of Virtual Retail, summarize their solution: “We have developed a technology that can take customers’ body measurements remotely and give size recommendations based on the specific body shape of the customer. We believe, being able to tell how a garment would fit will surely lead to higher shopping confidence and ultimately reduce the return rate. It’s a win-win for both customers and retailers.”

The implementation of this amazing technology behind-the-scenes is no doubt highly complex, but the seamless integration in the Superior Fashion market place makes its usage effortless and enjoyable. Here is how it works:

After you found the product you love, you click on “Get Size Recommendation” on the product page next to the size-selection-field to start the size recommendation process. After clicking on that link, a pop-up window opens showing a QR-code which can be scanned with the smartphone. By doing so, the body scanning web App will open on the phone. As the App is web based, there is no need to download it first. To take a new scan is straightforward. The App asks the user to enter his or her height and provides visual guidance for the user to take a front photo and a side photo.

The photos are then uploaded to the backend for further processing. The machine learning based algorithm can estimate full body measurements out of the 2 photos and the provided height. It normally takes about 10 seconds for the backend to calculate the body measurements and give size recommendations for a certain garment.

Once it’s done, the recommended size will automatically show up in the pop-up window together with details about the estimated size fit. The size recommendation is also shown on the product detail page in the shop next to the size-selection-field.

And the good thing is that you only have to do it once. Whenever you like to shop at Superior Fashion again you can just reuse this scan. Of course, you can always start a new scan if you think your body has changed since the last time. Making the service to give you more confidence about your best size as easy as possible is important to us. But even more important for us and our partner is the security of your data. That’s one of the main reasons why we have chosen a European/German technology and innovation partner.

“We take great consideration in data security and make sure that the data we keep is stored safely and anonymously.
Most importantly, the service we provide is completely anonymous. We don’t require or store any user related information. Once the photos are hitting our server, a neural network will extract silhouettes from the photos and the photos are removed immediately. Another neural network then calculates body measurements solely on the silhouettes. After all, the only data that’s saved for a scan is a randomly generated ID and a set of body measurements, which is impossible to be traced back to a certain person.
Our service is hosted with the highest standard in safety and reliability. To further strengthen data protection we make sure that the data are stored only on servers in Germany.” say Dr. Lin Wan and Benedikt Ley.

We hope that with our modern service, finding the best possible size of the designer clothes you have chosen, we will make a contribution to greater satisfaction and more sustainability when shopping online.


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