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The two product designers Stefan Rechsteiner and Patrick Rüegg have always had a soft spot for shoes. Since 2012, VELT has been producing in a Swiss factory what they design in their Berlin studio: lovers' shoes that are as special as the people who wear them. And both women and men are enthusiastic about them. What initially started with just a shoe collection was expanded in 2016 to include various leather bags and accessories.

[Read the VELT interview in Superior Magazine]

Sustainability plays an important role for VELT. For example, in collaboration with tanneries that comply with the European Chemicals Act, the leather is obtained from animal skins that are produced as waste in milk and meat production in Germany. This creates an exciting, previously unseen design with care for a responsible use of our world and with absolute dedication.



VELT has already received the Swiss Federal Design Award twice for its shoes.

Photo © VELT

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